Recording travel photo sketch





We arrived at Bratislava as saw the castle on the night.


Mr.& Mrs. Valent received us at the Vienna airport.

She is our interpreter.


The whole town was already decorated for Christmas.

@We recorded at Slovensky rozhlas Studio also this time.

Recording hall is inside the flat structure on the right hand corner.

There is restaurant in the innermost part and pension is next to that.

We stayed at there.


There is something of a communistic atmosphere in the room of this pension.


The day before our recording, this orchestra performed BRAHMSfs symphony No. 3

at this Bratislava opera theater for the opening of Slovak Festival.

To our regret we could listen only the rehearsal.


But the next day, Maestro Kenichirou Kobayashi - my senior disciple

under Maestro Kazuo Yamada - conducted BEETHOVENfs symphonies No. 5&7

with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra there.  

We went to the concert, but the program was No. 5&6.


While I recorded SCHUMANNfs  symphonies with Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra

in the Czech Republic before, I went to listen his g Vlasth debut

with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

It was something unexpected miracle.


Let me introduce the staff that cooperated in recording this time.

From the left, director of Slovak Radio / Mr. Niznansky, interpreter / Mrs. Valent.

Right side, engineer of  Slovak Radio / Mr. Geschwandtner.

Our recording engineer Mr. Teruo Murakami took these pictures.  


@The recording was rather thrilling this time.

After all is said and done, several movements are very fast.
However members seemed to have practiced well,
 difficult passages were cleared through some trials.

They performed gEmperor waltzh in a harmonious atmosphere throughout the recording
as much as to say itfs our music.

There was a change in the concertmaster of this music.
He was the concertmaster of the Radio Orchestra and moved
to this Orchestra under his retirement.
He is usually the top of 2nd Vn., but rather seemed comfortable at this seat.



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